About Us


One day we asked ourselves “After all these years, working in big companies, creating big AAA titles, wouldn’t it be great to try and make something of our own?” – And back then it seemed like just a distant dream!

But one day an opportunity to make it a reality appeared, and we had to act. We needed a plan to exit our AAA comfort zone, and as we couldn’t find one just laying around, we’ve made our own Exit Plan.

FUN is what we want to deliver. New video games with fresh concepts that will be easy to just pick-up and play. Games that we would like to play ourselves. And what about our Exit Plan? Well, it’s not exclusive just for us, as we want to share it with all the developers who still have it in them to make good games, while always aiming to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Come, join us on this adventure!

Damien Monnier
Co-Founder/Design Director

Cat dad with over 15 years in the games industry. Worked on some incredible hits like Worms, Motorstorm, The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077! Studied Fashion & Jewelry design, yet cannot dress properly. Legally colourblind but adds a lot of colour wherever he shows up. Lactose intolerant Frenchman – that’s how life has taught him the meaning of irony.

Jose Teixeira
Co-Founder/Art Director

Often asks the questions “can we set it on fire/blow it up?” Spent over 10 years in the games industry as a Visual Effects Artist, working on titles such as Bulletstorm, Gears of War, The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Jose studied Architecture for 5 years and didn’t work a single day as an Architect. Purchases a lot of LEGO for his child but ends up playing with it himself. Extremely experienced in laying down and not moving at all, preferably on a Portuguese beach.