… But for those who join us, we’ll make sure it’s an excellent experience!

Ok, so here’s the thing: this space is where you would normally read a typical HR/Recruiter text listing all the benefits and perks of working at Exit Plan. But we’re not Recruiters or HR, so… we don’t know how to write those types of things! We’re just a group of gamers who became game developers, and now created a studio that we want to make sure is an excellent place to work at! 

Of course, there are plenty of benefits and perks, including some which are rare in this industry – did you know that Exit Plan was one of the first game studios in Poland to adopt a 4-day work week? But even with all that, what it comes down to is…

… That we strongly believe that the only way we can develop a game that is fun to play, is if we have fun making it ourselves, so we’re trying really hard to ensure that Exit Plan is exactly that: a healthy, creative, fun, and rewarding space to work in! An excellent experience for everyone involved.

The Exit Plan essentials? We don’t like “office politics”, everyone is encouraged to be creative and contribute, and we like openness, flexibility, and a great work-life balance. Also, bad jokes. Really, really bad jokes. The worse, the better!


… Get in touch! Exit Plan’s team currently consists of 16 game developers with an average of almost 10 years of experience in game development! But that isn’t a requirement! The only thing required is to love videogames, being self-driven and well organized, keeping an open mind, and a desire to learn, improve your skills, and raise the bar of both the game and the team itself! 

We are currently not searching for any position! 🙁

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