Exit Plan has entered their new studio! Getting comfy!

Exit Plan prepared. Ready to GO!

It took us a while, but we finally have a place to work in! Come on, let’s make a quick tour around!

We just can’t wait to sit down behind the desks, do some social distanced high fives in the air and start putting all we have into production of our first major title. Our studio is located in Warsaw and although it’s not a big one, we really love the vibe! I think we’ve managed to arrange it quite comfy inside. See for yourselves – we’ve attached a few nice photos of our place, so you can feel like you’re right there with us, being happy about it and all!

We’ve got an open space, small kitchen and a nice conference room with a glorious TV. There are some nice surroundings as well, like a small park just on the other side of the road, if anyone from our teams needs a little break and wants to sit down and relax, listening to the chirping of the birds!

Up until this point our Exit Plan does work masterfully!