We’ve prepared the Exit Plan and we are ready to GO!

Exit Plan prepared. Ready to GO!

It seems our masterplan has worked! We’re leaving the comfy AAA turf and starting our own, magical video game studio of our dreams!

It happened. We are officially working on our own starting right now. After many years of AAA development the time has come to try create something fresh, which will be 100% our personal vision of the FUN and ENTERTAINING. We already have some ideas going on in our minds, all of which seem exciting and Cool (capital C!). Our small, yet absolutely skilled and experienced team is already lighting up to start some creative process, but… first things first! We need to have our own place to work in! Time to do some location scouting!

Anyway – enter the Exit Plan! We do what bigger devs may be scared to do – create games that we would love to play by ourselves! Aaaaand also maintain a healthy work-life balance – that’s our goal. We hope you’re excited for the future as we are!